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Board of Directors


Monday, December 5, 2022

Via Zoom

Executive Session
Board Members Only

Architectural Review Committee
5:15 p.m.​

General Meeting
6:00 p.m.

 January meeting will be on January 9, 2023
Date changed due to holiday
​ZOOM only

November Board Meeting Highlights​

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Eastbluff Crime Report

​​Neighborhood Watch 

              Meet our NBPD Area Commander
                             Lt. Justin Morouse

Newport Beach Police Department

Click for Crime Prevention

Crime Reports are in the What's New section
To receive specific crime alerts for your neighborhood, please sign up for alerts on Nixle.

Call NBPD immediately when you see something suspicious or when you need the police to respond to a situation that is occurring. 

Report traffic concerns
Beach information

In September 2022, Part One Crimes were up by 11.9% when compared to 2021 and down by 1.5% when compared to the five-year average. Property Crimes were up by 6.6% when compared to last September.

Property Crimes saw increases in Residential Burglaries, Burglaries/Thefts from Vehicles, Pick Pocket, and Grand Theft.

We saw decreases in: Commercial Burglaries, Burglaries/Thefts from Boats, Auto Theft Mail Thefts, Shoplifting, Garage Burglaries, Boat Thefts, or Arson incidents.  

CLICK How to Protect your Property

Home Security
Deter home burglars in your neighborhood:

Keep an eye on your neighbor’s house while they’re away (and ask them to do the same while you’re gone). If you see or hear anything suspicious, give NBPD a call right away.

Secure all windows & doors every time you leave the house. Don’t forget to set your alarms if you have them as well.

Don’t advertise or give the appearance that you aren’t home.
This means save the vacation social media posts for when you get back home.

Have indoor lights on timers to make it seem like someone’s home and there’s normal activity in the house.

If you’re going out for the evening, leave a television or a radio on in the house.

Have outdoor lights on photocells, so the front of our house is well-lit from dusk to dawn. 

Arrange to have your mail & newspaper stopped while you’re out of town. Or have a trusted neighbor or friend pick it up each day.

Package Thefts 
 With the holiday coming up & more online shopping happening, we may see an increase in this kind of activity.

Never leave your deliveries unattended on your front porch.

Make sure that someone is home to receive the delivery or that a trusted neighbor is available to receive the package on your behalf.

Always track your package deliveries so that you know when they are estimated to arrive at your home.

Pick Pockets
Pick pocket incidents have started to pick up at grocery stores and in restaurants/bars. While you’re out and about, consider implementing these recommendations:

If you carry a purse, choose one that secures at the top – preferably with a zipper.

If you set your purse in the shopping cart, buckle it in with the child safety belt and make sure the top is zipped closed.

If you carry your purse on your shoulder, make sure that you carry it next to you or in front of you – never behind you.

Keep valuables – especially your wallet - in the bottom of your bag.

Be aware when someone gets into your personal space.

After you pay or retrieve something from your purse, remember to take a moment to secure your wallet & purse again.

Whenever you are out & about, always try to keep your property in your line of sight.

More information can be found on the NBPD website HERE