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   Board & Committees
Board of Directors
Allen Yourman 

Ginny Tjadalli
Vice President

​Gary Smith

Ronald Rubino

Al Maguire

Architectural Review Committee 
The Board of Directors serves as the Architectural 
Review Committee 

Architectural Guidelines and Procedures Committee 
Ginny Tadjalli, Director
Al Maguire, Director
Jeff Smith, Architectural Advisor
Morgan Bomboy, Property Manager

Budget Committee
Al Maguire, Treasurer
Gary Smith, Director
Morgan Bomboy, TPMS

Trees & Landscape View Dispute Review 
Ginny Tadjalli
Gary Smith

Landscape Committee  
Morgan Bomboy, Chair 
Barbara Quist
Allica Bensen, Secretary
Maura Quist 
Dan Seminario 
Cindy Omiya 
Allen Yourman, Board Liaison 

Neighborhood Connections Committee
Gracie Hobbs, Co-chair
Desiree Gamble, Co-chair
Ron Rubino, Board Liaison

Park Committee 
Nancy Kerr, Co-chair
Susan Seger, Co-chair
Carolyn Cooper
Pam Genereux
Lauren Jue
Louise Upham
Tom Roche, Board Liaison

Neighborhood Watch Committee 
Bill Calhoun, Chair
Cheryl Collins
Ritu Parashar
Shelly Petrilli
Gina Hueston
Travis Boyd
Pat Puich
Al Maguire, Board Liaison

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Special Assignments

Special Assignments:
    Ron Rubino, Board Liaison
    Corona del Mar School (CdM)
    City of Newport Beach
    City Aviation Committee

HOA Website Coordinator
    Sharon Esterley

Budget, Agenda and Records Management
    Morgan Bomboy, Tritz (Senior Property Manager) 
    Ron Rubino - BOD President
    Al Maguire - BOD Treasurer

Government Relations 
​    Ginny Tadjalli

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Documentation 
    Morgan Bomboy, Tritz (Senior Property Manager) 
    Board of Directors - Secretary (TBD) 

"Member Portal" Website Manager
    Morgan Bomboy
    Tritz Professional Property Management

The President of the Board of Directors is an ex-officio member of all standing committees: 
Ron Rubino

​The Board of Directors per the CC&R's and community needs have formed various standing and Ad Hoc committees to assist them with community issues. Committee members are nominated by Board members and approved by the Board. If you are interested in serving on a committee contact South Coast Property Management or any Board member. 

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​Do you have a comment or suggestion for the Board? Perhaps you want to volunteer for a committee! Then again, maybe it's a community issue you have a question about. 

Whatever the reason, here's your opportunity to communicate to your Board of Directors. 

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