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HOA ​Landscape Maintenance

Cresta Verde Landscape (CVL) is our landscape maintenance company as of June 1,  2015. The HOA Board issued a Request for Proposal on February 12, 2015, seeking bids for Landscape Maintenance Services. The RFP was sent to 9 contractors – 5 were selected as finalists. After personal interviews, the HOA Board selected Cresta Verde Landscape. 

Cresta Verde’s Chris Mello is Eastbluff’s Account Manager & Jose Zanora is the Supervisor for our community. The objectives of Cresta Verde along with the Landscape Committee are: 

Water Conservation while keeping the landscape as green as possible
Beautify the Entrances and Slopes
Enhance the Park landscaping
Consistent General Maintenance of our Community common areas

The CVL maintenance team will be in our community Monday, Tuesday & Fridays, mowing the lawn, emptying trash and cleaning tables and benches on Mondays

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Landscape Concern

​To report a broken water line or sprinkler IMMEDIATELY call 714-557-5900

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Eastbluff Landscape Team

Barbara Quist 

Dan Seminaro

Maura Williams

Mark Gart  BOD liaison 

Morgan Wilson - Cresta Verde Landscape (CVL)

Chris Mello - Cresta Verde Landscape (CVL)

Scott Smith - Tritz Professional Management Services (TPMS)

If you are interested in being part of the Landscaping Beautification Committee – please contact
Landscape Committee Reports

Priority Projects for 2021-2022

Each fiscal year, the Board of Directors adopts a budget that includes funds for Landscape Extra Projects to be used by the Landscape Committee. For the fiscal year of 2021-2022, $30,000.00 was included in the budget. The following is the initial project list with projected costs that the Committee would like to accomplish. The Committee works with Cresta Verde to finalize actual proposals reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Click: CVL Priority Projects Report

Landscape Committee Co-Chairs Scott Smith & Barbara Quist