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Board of Directors

Neighborhood Watch 
Monday, October 4, 2021
Via Zoom

5:00 pm 
Board of Directors 
Executive Meeting
  Homeowners are not 
permitted to attend.

Architectural Review Committee
6:30 p.m.
Via Zoom

General Session
7:00 p.m.
Via Zoom

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September Board Meeting

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Street Safety

​Now that most pandemic restrictions have been lifted & summer weather has arrived, it seems that everyone is out and about with unbridled enthusiasm. Traffic is back and kids and adults on bikes, motorbikes and motorized scooters are enjoying new freedoms and fresh air. Since it's been awhile since we've been on the streets a lot, we're all a bit out of practice.

Please take the time to be careful on our neighborhood & community streets. EVERYONE please observe traffic laws and exercise caution at intersections and when bikes, scooters or skateboards are present. There have been reports of near misses and close calls between bikes and cars, and running stop signs seems to have become commonplace. 

​Some specific reminders for Eastbluff residents:

​When entering the neighborhood at the A, B or C street entrances, please slow down or stop to look for oncoming traffic that has the right of way.

Please observe all STOP signs with a full stop, not a roll-through.

Remember that the Bison exit does not allow straight traffic through the intersection. Please observe the right or left turn only signs and signals. Remember that this intersection once had a fatal accident that tragically took the life of a young Eastbluff resident.

For information on Bike Safety, please see this NBPD advice:

For information on Alternative Vehicles (motorized scooters, motorized bikes, Hoverboards, motorized skateboards, Segways, etc. click here:

Everyone, please stay safe!

July 2021 Crime report
for our area (see page 5)

July Crime Notes
 Even with lower numbers than last year, please be diligent about crime prevention, especially in these areas:
Residential Burglaries
Catalytic Converter Theft
 . Garage Burglaries
How to Protect your Property

Click HERE for best advice from the Newport Beach 
Police Department to 

Protect Your Personal & Financial Information

and Avoid Package Theft

HOA Board Agenda:​
 Newport Beach General Plan Update

The Board of Directors has previously reported to our Homeowner Association members that the City of Newport Beach is in the process of updating its "General Plan."

The City's website includes a complete history and updates as this process continues. This process includes updating the "Housing Element," which impacts the future development of rental and residential units. The City conducted community meetings in the development of this state-mandated report.

The update of the General Plan of Newport Beach will be on the Eastbluff HOA agenda for our next meeting on Monday, September 13, 2021. A  Zoom meeting announcement will be sent to members and posted to our HOA website. The memorandum linked below summarizes what we will discuss and encourages you to review the Housing Element Report and General Plan update history before the HOA meeting.

The Board would like to receive comments from Eastbluff homeowners before their September 13th meeting. 

If you care to provide those comments, please email them to Ron Rubino at

For complete information, please take time to review this Memo

The City of Newport Beach has a committee of City Council members, City Management, City staff, consultants, and appointed residents to discuss policies and strategies to protect Newport Beach residents from the impacts of commercial and private aircraft operations at and from John Wayne Airport (JWA). The City Council believes that the impacts related to JWA are now, and will continue to be, the most significant threat to the quality of life of Newport Beach residents. The Committee assists the City Council develop and implement strategies to control negative impacts of noise and pollution from JWA. 

 These efforts in conjunction with the County for the last 30 years have made JWA one of the most “community friendly” airports in the nation. The City’s Aviation Committee issues reports to the City Council and residents to discuss pending issues and progress on the goals for the current year. The HOA Board of Directors monitors this committee's activities and provides a copy of the reports issued by the City on JWA issues and policies.

Ron Rubino is our designated liaison to the City on airport issues.

For the latest John Wayne Airport Committee update, click HERE

John Wayne Airport