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The Association has received numerous complaints about dog owners not cleaning up after their pets in the park, on public sidewalks and on private property. Please be responsible, be prepared and don't leave a mess behind. Pet waste bags and trash containers are available at the park for your use.

​City of Newport Beach leash laws are enforced in Blue Heron Park. Please note that all dogs "must be securely restrained by a substantial leash or chain not exceeding six feet in length and controlled by a person competent to restrain such dog." Citations have been issued by Animal Control for violations.

Municipal Code chapter 7.04.020

To report violations, please call 
Newport Beach Animal Control 949-644-3717

Eastbluff Homeowners Community Association  ~ c/o South Coast Property Management ~ 2549 Eastbluff Drive #166 ~ Newport Beach, CA 92660 


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Dog Owners Alert

FAA Changes Increase Eastbluff Noise​
​In March 2017, the FAA implemented a new program, “SoCal Metroplex” that changed the John Wayne Airport (JWA) departure path to allow planes to begin left-hand turns shortly after leaving the runway, putting them squarely over the east side of the Upper Newport Bay. This substantially increased takeoff noise over Eastbluff’s homes, schools, and facilities.

 In its environmental assessment of SoCal Metroplex, the FAA stated that the changes would cause “no significant impacts” to surrounding areas. The FAA justifies this change by saying this saves the airlines money on fuel. The City of Newport Beach has filed a legal challenge to the FAA's finding, and is negotiating with the FAA to develop a departure path that would keep planes over the water, not our homes.

The Board of Directors has sent a letter to the City indicating our displeasure with these changes which directed the airlines to turn left (east) sooner. The takeoff noise has increased to a debilitating level and resulted in more jet fuel pollution over Eastbluff and a negative impact to our residents’ health, safety and peace of mind. We believe the fair and safest approach for all of Newport Beach is for the airlines to take off straight out for a longer distance over the middle of the Back Bay as they did prior to March, 2017.

Members are encouraged to write to the City with support of the City's legal action to show the change has had a substantial negative impact on our homes and to support changing the takeoff path back to middle of the Back Bay.
City of Newport Beach, David Kiff, City Manager
One Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Board of Directors
Monday, November 6
6:00 PM
​Board of Directors Meeting
​All Eastbluff Homeowners are welcome to attend

5:00 PM​
Board Executive Session
Homeowners are not permitted to attend.

​Oasis Senior Center
801 Narcissus Avenue
Corona del Mar CA 92625

Future of Newport Beach Tennis Club

CdMHS Sport Stadium Update​

Eastbluff Events
Make your voice heard!

​The NMUSD released their response to Draft EIR comments and changes to the final EIR on Friday 10/13/17. The Board and our consultants are reviewing the responses and changes. Copies of the School District's response are available for download.
October 19 - School Board will ask questions and discuss the FEIR with our staff and consultants, community input and questions. NMUSD offices (see Events column at left)

October 24 - Public Hearing  & decision on EIR. They are anticipated to select Option B that includes TWO fields with FOUR 70-80' light poles on each field. NMUSD offices.

November 6 - Our HOA Board will provide a status report and decide what action to take on the District's EIR and selection of project options at our regular Members meeting. Oasis

Eastbluff residents are URGED to attend these meetings and/or write a letter NOW in response to the proposed project! These options will seriously impact our homes with light glare, loud PA announcements, increased traffic and parking.  

Final Environmental Impact Report (October 2017)
Project Fact Sheet (Revised 09/13/17)​
For School Board Members phone & email click HERE
For more information, please contact HOA Board Members Don Slaughter (  or 
Ryan O'Grady (Ryan@Eastbluff .net)

CDMHS Sports Field EIR

WRITE to the School Board!

ATTEND School Board Meetings
2985 Bear Street, Building A, Costa Mesa

Thursday October 19
3:30 pm
NMUSD Study Session
Public welcome to attend & comment or question

Tuesday, October 24
6:00 pm 
on the draft EIR

The School Trustees will decide on sports facilities at CdM High School that will IMPACT our neighborhood!
​For more click HERE

Pumpkin Carving
Sunday, October 29
2:00-5:00 pm
Blue Heron Park
Click HERE for details!

Architectural Guidelines

Committee Workshop #5 
November 2, 8:30 am
Newport Beach Tennis Club
2601 Eastbluff Drive, NB
Final Review by Arch. Comm.
Members may attend but not participate​

Community Workshop
November 20
6-8:00 pm
Oasis Senior Center
ALL Members Welcome!
 Many Eastbluff residents are members of the Newport Beach Tennis Club on Eastbluff Drive for tennis, swim or social events. The Newport Beach Tennis Club (and swim facility) occupies 7.6 acres at 2601 Eastbluff Drive, adjacent to Ralphs in the Eastbluff Village Center.  

We have heard rumors that the land owner (not the Joyce family that leases the land & operated the Club) has been approached by a developer interested in purchasing the property and turning it into residential condominiums. The rumored development is inconsistent with the property’s existing General Plan designation for Parks and Recreation use. The current owner or potential buyer would therefore need to make a request to change that designation, and the City has no obligation to comply. To date (July 25, 2017) no formal application for land use change has been submitted to the City.

At the April 11 City Council meeting, Mayor Kevin Muldoon (also the District #4 representative) presented the Tennis Club a proclamation for its service to the community. 

Established in 1966, the Newport Beach Tennis Club has since continued to be one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in the country. Over the years NBTC has hosted numerous professional events including the Davis Cup, and tennis legends including the likes of Rod Laver and Eastbluff resident Roy Emerson have called NBTC home.

Stay informed: SPON      City Insiders Guide
Express your opinion: City Manager Dave Kiff

Architectural Guidelines

​Proposed new Architectural Standards have been produced by the Eastbluff HOA Architectural Committee, with participation by a volunteer Members Advisory Committee and our Association's legal and architectural consultants. The goal is to balance the interests of the Association as a whole by assisting Owners to improve their property while perpetuating and honoring the best of the existing design philosophy and context of Eastbluff.

Directors Ron Rubino, JJ Abraham, Property Manager Scott Smith, Architectural Consultant Jeff Smith and Legal Adviser Katie Janics will present the draft report to the Board for approval November 6. The proposed guidelines will then be mailed to members for a 30-day written comment period and a Community Workshop will be held for all Members on November 20.  All members are encouraged to participate in this important project.

For more information contact Ron Rubino at

Neighborhood Watch
Click for more:
Home Security Tips

Police Alert: Grandkid Scams

​Andi Querry, NBPD Crime Prevention Specialist, and Lt. Rachel Johnson, Area Commander for our area, shared crime statistics for Newport Beach and provided tips on how to prevent break-ins of homes and vehicles. The bottom line is to LOCK ALL DOORS & WINDOWS, USE YOUR ALARM if you have one, and KNOW your neighbors so we can all look out for each other. REPORT all suspicious behavior (click HERE for a list of what is suspicious!)